Saydyy-Kuo and her shamanic journey...

Welcome to Saydyy-Kuo's illustration portfolio, where her illustration, publications and music will be displayed. She will also be sharing some blogposts about her illustration works.

Saydyy-Kuo Fedorova is an indigenous performer, academic and illustrator from Sakha. She is a virtuoso khomusist (Sakha ethnic instrument) and performs a variety of traditional vocal techniques from the region. She has toured internationally with Sakha touring group Ayarkhaan (including BBC Proms, Sayan Ring, FM Sines, WOMAD) as well as publishing a book on khomus history & playing methodology. The khomus is an ethnic variety of jaw harp which is a singular icon of cultural identity in the Sakha Republic. It has been elevated in craftsmanship and performance to the level of the concert violin in the west and represents a precious, powerful expression of indigenous uniqueness that is very little known outside the Russian Federation. Saydyy-Kuo performed at WOMAD in 2011 (BBC Stage) with the Sakha native touring group 'Ayarkhaan'.